Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Alpha and Omega

We live in a time called post-modernity in which irrationality and confusion prevail. It’s a meaningless world because it rejects objective meaning - the one God has given to everything He created and has revealed. Today, words are sounds thrown in mid-air like the lyrics of most songs that we hear: vocabularies with their clear and objective definitions are despised. Even churches like the Waldensian Church today have embraced post-modernity and with it, irrationality and meaninglessness. They reject their old Confession of Faith and the authority of the Bible. Happily, meaningful words can still be found with God, the true and living God, revealing Himself in Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and through the Bible, which was written down for us and our salvation. Minorities of believers still have the courage to resist the apostate mainstream and do keep alive the torch of "the old faith" which, is the eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega of history.
In the sermon linked here, pastor Paolo Castellina explains what it means for Christ to be called "the Alpha and the Omega".

See here.

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