Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Friday

Dark Day of Vengence
A savage, evil wind blows from the East,
Blighting bursting buds and the newborn lamb,
Nestling by its mother, in a fleeceless coat,
Till cream on white, it stiffens in the snow.

New life solidifies: the root, the stem, the bud.
Frozen sap cuts off its single unfurled flower.
Barren breath of the malevolent North,
Grasps receding Spring with withered, iron claw.

A priceless Lamb, once spat on, with hot breath
Stiffens not in snow, but on a plank of wood.
Crucified by curdled envy, laced with hate.
Killed by defiance of The Son of God.

Easter Friday is the time for dying lambs.
'The Execution of The Lamb' - the Day of Power. 
Dark day of vengeance for the dam-ned heart,
Before His warmth restores the guilty Earth.

(ABC All rights reserved)

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