Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lessons from The Valley of The Invincibles

The Valley of the Invincibles was a military refuge for the Waldensians in times past.  A side valley off Val Pellice, when glimpsed from the main valley, it looks like the set for a film about landing on a comet.

There are hidden ancient paths in and around the Valley of the Invincibles but its aspect is terrifying. It is as if Nature put a sign at the entrance saying "Do not venture here...". 19th century British generations would have seen this landscape  as sublime, meaning a landscape filled with terror, a remnant of the primordial struggle of the Fall, when evil took over the Earth.....

Today, we see Christians being persecuted in the lands they have occupied for two thousand years. The question is how they should defend themselves.  The history of the Waldensians, or Vaudois, teaches them that the right of freedom of religion needs defending, and if necessary, with military skills and arms. Believers should resist with perseverance and follow the advice of Jesus to use the mountains for defence, if possible.

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