Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Details of the SAV Conference 17-19 August

The programme for Sentieri Antichi Valdesi's Conference from 17-19 August includes:  a worship service at the church at Ciabas; a walk to the monument of Sibaud; a presentation of new background research about Rev William Gilly, the founder of the 'English Quarter' in Torre Pellice and his wife's connections with Shute Barrington, the Bishop of Durham; a visit to special sites in Angrogna; a presentation of works  by English women artists of the valleys, including Jane Colberg Gilly; discussion, prayers and talks. Affordable accommodation is available in Bobbio Pellice email: danielavaldese@gmail.com.  All those interested in the traditional theological paths of the Waldensians are welcome, whether Italian, English, or any another nationality (printed English translations are available). For further details see:

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