Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tomb of Friend of the Vaudois - Rev William Gilly

The Tomb of Rev William Stephen Gilly "Friend of the Vaudois" - Norham Parish Church

This is the tomb of the Rev William Gilly (died 1855) whose two books about the Waldensian Valleys - about his first journey (published 1824) and his second journey (1832) roused King George IV, the Bishop of Durham and the establishment of England to raise funds to help build the Waldensian Hospital on land (Gilly claims) which was purchased by the Tsar of Russia.

His two books inspired General Beckwith (who lost a leg at Waterloo) to move to Torre Pellice (where he is buried), to raise funds to set up numerous schools in the Waldensian Valleys and to help the Waldensian outreach to Italy with the Protestant biblical faith.

Gilly's fine tomb is in Norham Parish Church, Northumberland where he was for 24 years rector as Canon of Durham Cathedral.  The inscription on the monument refers to him as "Friend of the Vaudois". It also says:

"Whoever shall look upon this monument
Let him remember
That by works of faith and labours of love
A name may be made imperishable."

A separate epitaph simply says:  "Looking unto Jesus"....

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