Monday, 30 June 2014

Sacred cave of the Waldensians

The Vaudois/Waldensians' history is still a crucial lesson about respecting the importance of freedom of religion. This link shows some photos of the cave churches that the Waldensians used to continue their worship when their homes and livelihoods had been burnt, and another bout of 'religious cleansing' was taking place below.

The Waldensian cave churches are still difficult to find and access, as they were intended as hiding places. One cave, in particular, Ghieisa d' La Tana is sacred to the ancient Waldensian faith. Hundreds of Vaudois women and children were trapped inside and smoked out by the Papal/Savoyard forces who were intent on cleansing Bible-believing 'heretics' from these mountains, as elsewhere. They all died of smoke inhalation and suffocation - but their fellows still continued the fight for freedom. "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church". A plaque marks the site of the tragedy today:

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  1. Appreciate your blog. I noticed your description of the cave in France where over 3000 Waldenses died of suffocation. However, your pictures appear to be of the cave of the church in Torre Pellice. Can you post pictures of the cave you describe in France?

    Thank you!