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Old Waldensian Path Meetup 2014

Old Waldensian Paths
Summer Meetup and Study Days
Sunday 17 - Wednesday 20, August 20, 2014

At Bobbio Pellice (TO), Italy, “Forterocca” Holiday Centre

We are grateful to God for the opportunity that He gives us through the Internet to get to know each other and work together to promote the aims of our Association online, but nothing can really replace meeting each other in person! So we have organized a Summer Meetup and Study Days in August, where we will be able in an informal way , to share some fellowship and discuss our activities and above pray together. At Bobbio Pellice,  we have found suitable accomodation at “Forterocca” (Stronghold) at a very affordable price. Here, we will have moments of worship, discussion, but also leisure and entertainment. There will be a brief report of our SAV activities and we will learn worship songs. We will have also the opportunity for on-site tours.

The price of the full board is € 40 per day (overnight, included lunch and dinner).  For those who do not sleep on site, the meal is € 10.  Hire of the conference room is included in the price (with a donation) . To book, simply send an e-mail to or call 0039-3342079839 . You will be able to extend privately your stay in the centre for a holiday.

The centre at Boobio is easily accessible by public services by bus from Pinerolo (train station) and Turin, where there is also the airport. In order to get to Forterocca from Turin take the Torino- Pinerolo highway and continue to Val Pellice. 10 Km from Torre Pellice, right in the heart of the Waldensian valley lies Bobbio Pellice with Forterocca . Address: Via Peyrot , 5-10060 Bobbio Pellice (TO) - Tel / Fax 932 658 0121 - Cell 348 0328905

The centre "Forterocca” was born with the purpose of serving the Body of Christ, and each month more and more groups use it for the advancement of His Kingdom. Forterocca is ideal for church groups, retreats for pastors, training for the ministry, prayer events and much more . Located in the heart of the Waldensian Valleys, the spiritual atmosphere and the living testimony of God's faithfulness through the ages, make Forterocca a unique place in all of Italy . Please visit

We are trusting in the Lord so that there for a good number of participant, the founders SAV greet you.  English supporters are welcome.

Lucio Malan
Daniela Michelin Salomon
Esteban Janavel
Paolo Castellina
Anthony Altavilla


General Programme

Sunday, August 17

  • Morning : arrival, welcome and accommodation
  • Afternoon: Presentations ; walk up to the "Valley of the Invincible "
  • After dinner : Worship Service

Monday, 18

  • Morning : Walk up to the monument of Sibaud ( Bobbio fur) with short biblical reflection and prayers
  • Afternoon: Presentation by Alison Bailey Castellina on the theme : "Support from England for the Waldensian Church : Oliver Cromwell ( XVI century ) and General Charles Beckwith (XIX century ).
  • Late afternoon and evening : "Ancient Waldensian Paths " - problems and strategies. The spread of our book on the Waldensian Confession of Faith Valdese .

Tuesday 19

  • Morning: visit to the historic sites in Angogna Valley, the fortress of the Waldensians
  • Afternoon : speaking, singing and prayer. Presentation by Alison Bailey Castellina "Old prints of the Waldensian Valleys".
  • Public evening - Past. Paolo Castellina: "Is faithfulness still valued today?" - The Association “Old Waldensian Paths” - a protest and a witness.

Wednesday 20

  • Departure

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