Saturday, 12 April 2014

He is worthy to receive glory and honour

 Jesus had entered Jerusalem triumphantly, sorrounded by cheering crowds (Matthew 21:1-11). These crowds were undoubtedly moved by great expectations but would these expectations be disappointed? Was He another failed and false Messiah as others who had come before Him? Probably many feared they could be disappointed by Jesus in that He would not deliver what He promised. In fact, Jesus was and remains different and He, more often than not, often does not meet our needs in the way we would expect. Instead He meets them in a way that counters sin. Jesus followed and still follows different parameters to our human ones, different from assumptions and expectations commonly accepted in this world. This is why the appeal of the Christian Gospel is, first of all, an appeal to conversion, an appeal to modify radically one’s assumptions, way of thinking and acting. Jesus’ greatness and His exemplarity is presented to us in the text of Philippians 2:1-11 today for “Palm Sunday”.

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