Sunday, 6 April 2014

False handbags or sports shoes - and false teaching

Protestant Bishop J C Ryle writes here about those posing as Christians for status/respect that they could not otherwise access. Some even benefit their bank accounts and pension income: 
Some might call them defective Christians, however, wolves do not belong to the flock that they prey on. Either, these individuals :
  • do not believe the Gospel and Bible and make up their own religion but use His name (secular liberalism); or 
  • jazz up and/or warp His message about the Narrow Gate - for an income (the Gospel as another form of entertainment);  or
  • water it down to make it palatable ("cheap grace") turning the Narrow Gate into the "Wide Path" ("all are saved") thereby making the Cross and Christ meaningless.
"By their fruits shall ye know them", Jesus said because their fruits do not taste sweet or palatable. They confuse the mind and/or emotions and put the focus on Man (or themselves?). They weaken and manipulate the vulnerable and undiscerning Their teaching does reflect His true teaching, nor does it provide salvation and the assurance of salvation. Their fruits are false like counterfeit Chanel handbags or designer sports shoes in the flea market place which carry a false logo. The essence of the evil of counterfeit goods lies in deception (theft). Like counterfeit handbags, they do not stand the test. They look cheap and unpleasant, in spite of their claims. They are soon cast aside as having no value. The same is true of all false spiritual teaching.

                                                          Counterfeit sports shoes (Wikipedia)


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