Friday, 21 March 2014

Water, Precious Water

Water is the most precious element in the world, more precious even of oil. We are worried because we know that in the near future oil will be less and less available and more expensive. But we should be rather worried about the availability of water. Water, too, is going to be rare and expensive. The Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ used this reality to draw our attention too to another sort of “water” with which we cannot do without: a necessary personal and dynamic relationship with God, source of our life. Our life is often a moral and spiritual wasteland, not because water is lacking, but because something “blocks” its passage, hindering it from “watering” and quenching our life. Jesus came to shed His light on this “blockage” and to unblock it, so that our life may flourish and bear good and satisfying fruit. This is what tells us the text of the Gospels we examine today: John 4:5-14..

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