Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Need to Come to the Light

We have come into light from the womb : that is the day when we celebrate our birthday. Some people say that they came to 'light' a second time when God drew them to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, thus receiving a purposeful and everlasting life. 

Coming into the light or, better, coming to the Light, the Light of the World, is often inconvenient, because that light reveals who we really are, spiritually and morally - an unpleasant sight indeed. Under that revealing light, nevertheless, we are cleansed and renewed. 

The Gospel according to John tells us about Nicodemus, a man that goes to meet Jesus and is enlightened by Him. We do not know exactly the end result of this particular meeting, but we know that meeting Jesus today can be for us, as we read John 3:1-7, a life-changing experience.

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