Saturday, 29 March 2014

The crisis Jesus came to cause

As has always happened in the history of the last two thousand years, the proponents of different philosophies, world views and politic would put Jesus (and with him the Christians) on their side, "demonstrating" how He supposedly is like them and supports their ideas and projects. Jesus, thus, is "tamed", and a false image of Him is created. The real Jesus, the one to whom the New Testament bears witness and proclaims, the Lion of Judah, does not allow any taming and continues to challenge, provoke and undermine anyone, with His statements and actions which are both paradoxical and contradictory. This is the case in the biblical text to today where we see Jesus, who opens his eyes to a man who had been blind from birth who recognises him as the Messiah and Saviour, in contrast to those who felt that they could see and understand who Jesus was, but they would not see and would not understand anything. The text speaks of Jesus who came into the world not to condemn the world, not to judge. But in what sense? We refer to Chapter 9 in John’s Gospel.

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