Friday, 25 October 2013

Revised wikipedia page - General Charles Beckwith

General Charles Beckwith, who lost a leg at the Battle of Waterloo, was born in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1789. He was a lifelong member of the Church of England but was also a major benefactor of the 19th century Waldensian Church and wider within Piedmont.

We have just revised his story on Wikipedia - which links to an interesting online book about his labours. This book explains his efforts to build up Waldensian theological training, its school education system (he opened 160 schools in the valleys), build new churches and create health and welfare in the Valleys with a wider view to missionary activity across Italy.

Charles Beckwith opened the elegant Waldensian Church, the 'English Quarter' and the Waldensian hospital in Torre Pellice. He is the visionary behind the Waldensian church, in Turin.

He is buried in Val Pellice where he married a local Waldensian woman, Caroline, in 1850 and she gave birth to their daughter Charlotte, after he died in 1862.

Wikipedia entry for General Charles Beckwith (with portrait)

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