Friday, 16 August 2013

Why IS liberal Protestantism dying, anyway?

Reasearch and simple statistics demonstrate tat Liberal Protestantism has no future because of its basic inability to keep a committed membership. It survives mostly because of its parasitic character. The following article discusses the problem from a sociological point of view. "liberal Protestantism in many ways exemplifies the best of what religion could be: it’s tolerant of differences, non-judgmental, open to scientific knowledge. Good stuff, right? So why is it that the open-minded liberal churches are dying out? " Much more, of course, could be said from the spiritual one.

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  1. An interesting article which is both true and not so true. The strict churches which are not cults, do indeed filter out from the wider population the most reliable and worthwhile people who are believers, who try seriously to live by God's standards. They are honest people who have a conscience so belonging to this community gives you access to the finest people who are the best people to be close to. However,there is a fine line between strictness and cults. Cults can look very like stricter churches but in the end they destroy their members' lives through undercover inner corruption and exploitation. Also Jesus did away with strict Jewish religious laws regarding foos. One must choose carefully what "strictness" to follow and what to avoid. Possibly, lots of undiscerning liberal churches think all strict churches are really "cults" destroying their members in the end or making them unemployable. Clearly, there are genuine strict churches which do you good and there are cults which look like churches. One needs to be discerning. The notion that liberals churches should be stricter about things like "high regard for women" and "the environment" wholly misses the point. Liberal churches major on feminism and ecology but they miss Christ as the motivator for all good things. Strict balanced churches keep sin at the centre and the "good works" for the world all in a balance. I would say this: liberal churches die out leaving the fine building that attract people to their services falling down through lack of attendance and donations, not through lack of strictness per se, but through lack of seeing that the focus is Christ in all things and that He requires strictness in certain areas (not food) and that Christians obey Him as a sign of their commitment to Him.