Friday, 23 August 2013

English language books on the Waldensians

I am setting up a bibliography of English titles about the history of the Waldensian Church.

This mid19th century title can be read online and seems useful for its illustrations, though some of its facts may need double checking, such as the suggestion of an unbroken Waldensian "line", back to the first century churches of the Apostles. See

"The Waldensians" by Jane Willyams.


  1. For a helpful review of another book, "The History of the Waldenses" and the question of their apostolic line see:

  2. I always heard that our family line did go back to the first century apostles. There was a family member that traced the line back and we know for certain this same family member can trace their line to 1529 in the Waldensians records. Thank you for sharing these links!